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Product - Display Boards  
Rovisuam Micro Lab, offers a complete line of electronic moving message displays, LED safety signage, communication centers, electronic message-boards, for indoor and outdoor applications.The electronic displays include wireless keyboards for easy programming.All displays are computer compatible, making the task of programming up to hundreds of displays a breeze. Computer software programs are available for the PC, Mac, Networks and Wireless Networks. We offer lease and rental programs, tailored to your specific needs.
Single line LED sign
Single Line
Among the brightest and sharpest indoor electronic displays available. The attractive Eurostyle case design will complement any business environment. Electronic signs can be networked and connected to a computer to form an integrated, visual information system.
Designed to quickly display large amounts of information in three bright colors - red, green and amber. The result is a moving message display of great visual impact, superior visibility, and high resolution. LED displays operate on standard voltage and are completely solid state.
2line led sign
safety displays
3-4 Lines
These  LED displays offer the flexibility to display multi- line text messaging, graphics and logos. Automated programming eliminates the need to learn complicated procedures. Within seconds, you can create attention getting visual messages.
Electronic Message Centers
These electronic message displays are designed for high visibility, indoor use; display 8 lines of characters in vivid color. Its automatic update capabilities allow for message changes in a moment's notice. Great for displaying interest rates, stock market exchanges, or even use as board or conference room scheduler.
8line LED communication center
personal priority message center
Desktop LED Displays
Designed specifically for high-priority messaging, allowing you to communicate critical, time-sensitive information specifically to individuals who need it, when they need it.
Safety Signage
Communicate critical information to employees immediately. Control multiple led displays from a centralized location.
safety displays
modular display systems
Modular LED Displays
Modular display systems give you the flexibility to select an indoor LED message display that is tailored to meet your specific business needs, whether your need a 4-line, character matrix display or a large, 16-line, full matrix display with graphic and animation capabilities.
The brightest LED moving signs available. Readable in direct sunlight, featuring a wide viewing angle, ideal for numerous outdoor applications.
outdoor led display
Incandescent sign
Outdoor Incandescent Signs
Incandescent displays will help you create results-oriented messages for your outdoor communications, whether targeted to retail locations, financial institutions, industrial environments, hospitality or other industries.



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