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Product - Timer  
Programmable Digital Timer
Price: Rs. 2800/-


  • Rating : 240 V/50 Hz 15 Amp.
  • Load : 3.6 KW
  • LCD Display
  • 12 / 24 Hr mode Selectable Real Time Display
  • 10 NO / OFF Switches everyday, total 70 group switches every week
  • Minimum switching interval 1 Minute.
  • Summer Time / Winter Time Change over.
  • Forced ON / OFF through IR Remote.
  • Upto 10 Hrs Countdown Timer.
  • Random Switching Mode.
  • Battery Backup to restore data incase of power failure
  • All the Setting through IR Remote Control
HOME Turn your AC/ Geyser / Coffee Maker and other appliances On / Off for increased comfort and lot of energy savings. Automatic control of porch / Exterior lights. Random Switching of lights in unoccupied buildings to prevent theft.
INDUSTRIES Automatic control of building lights and outdoor lights could effectively replace manual control. Factory hooters Lunch / Recess alarms could be controlled autmatically.
PUMPING STATIONS & FOUNTAINS Pre-programmed on / off of water pumps and motors in these applications.
ELECTRICITY COMPANIES Automatic control of street lighting would provide a lot of convenience and also cut down on power consumption considerably
OTHERS For controlling School bell / Glow Sign Boards / Showcase window lighting

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